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Dealing with a telemarketing company can be a bit like having a terrible meal out – shambolic service, indifferent attitude and a menu with no prices on it. You’re left with a bill full of surprises. And a bad taste in your mouth.

At Tel mark , we do better. We’re pay-as-you-go, with no unnecessary long contracts or hidden extras. Instead, we have a delicious menu of defined packages and pricing structures , that you see from the start. But most importantly, our highly skilled telemarketers have all worked extensively in hospitality, not sales – they will treat your business like they would a diner in a fancy restaurant – with charm, respect and warmth.
Tel mark

 At Tel mark we think that telemarketing needs to change. Hidden costs, bad service and poor results mean that people have lost trust in the industry completely. Staff are disillusioned and you have no idea what incentives they are being given to perform. Phoning your telemarketing company for an update is a drag and conversations rarely go well…

At Tel mark, we are on a mission to change the face of telemarketing. No tired, disillusioned salespeople. No long contracts. No hidden costs. Just motivated and happy staff, 5 star customer relations and charm all over the place as we smash your targets. You’ve tried the rest, now chat with the best!

Customers, Not Clients

No-one in our Tel mark team is a “typical salesperson”. We’re used to dealing with customers, not clients and there is real value in that. It’s an attitude that shines through in every campaign we work on - “can do” and “is there anything else I can help with?”, rather than just reading from a script. Tel mark marketeers are highly-trained, chatty and good at thinking on our feet. Because we like people and we like what we do.

Easy Interaction With Campaigns

As an Tel mark customer, you can “watch your meal being cooked” by keeping an eye on how your campaign is progressing as little or as much as you want. Our client portal allows you to check in freely - call frequency, making changes to scripts, database management, dialling day calendar, listening in on calls and generally being involved. Or, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can ask your “Maitre D”, your Tele mark Campaign Manager, to give you a full rundown on how well everything is going. We’re happy to hear from you and want to make things as interactive as possible.

What And Where...

We do what you need us to - if it involves dialling, talking, selling, lead generation, pre-sales and researching potential clients, count us in. We do warm and cold calling, we go door to door, we leaflet, we manage stalls at exhibitions, we do CRM, database management, helpdesks.
“Tel mark vibes” have gone global! Our hospitable and friendly approach means we do business all over the world, as well as across the UK - app developers, software companies, local councils, manufacturers working in renewable energy, telecom companies, organic food products, hospitality agencies...everyone’s welcome and we love variety!

A Chat. A Price. No Surprises.

Contact us for a chat and a price - that won’t change.

We’re a great team to work with who enjoy making people feel like they’ve just been served an icy handcrafted cocktail. With snacks.

Our Values

Tel mark has four core values that are used as a basis for our customer relationships. If you are confused about which telemarketing firm to choose, here is why you should choose us:


We are constantly on top of our game when it comes to results-based decisions. We ensure a proper accountability mechanism in place so that our agents continue to perform with increasing efficiency.


We are honest in our dealings, ensuring the client gets what we promise them.

Excellence and Innovation

Our team of agents is continuously innovating and improving on lead generation to create potential sales.


We motivate our tele agents through proper recognition so that they continuously strive to do better for us and most importantly for you.

Tel mark

What Do
We Do?

Our team of experts at Tel mark conducts a thorough analysis of your business needs specific to your business specialty and then creates unique solutions to business problems. Our experts ensure that your customer needs are not only identified but are effectively met with the solutions they propose. Customer satisfaction is key, and our tele agents devise strategies to target specific customer issues and continuously work towards resolving them.

We boast of being the best new telemarketing company in the United Kingdom, providing vast services to our clients. We use a GDPR compliant enhanced database system to access a large database.

We offer both inbound and outbound services, researching potential clients and leads, telemarketing calls to these potential clients, and all pre-sales services.

Tel mark

Why Tel mark?

Are you looking for a perfect business solution to attract more customers? Have you tried cold calling internally but have failed to generate results? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you are in safe hands. The path from lead generation to potential sales is fairly simple when it comes to Tel mark Telemarketing. We provide:
  • Money-back guarantee: We have 100% confidence in our services, that’s why we offer a money-back guarantee on most of our bespoke packages.
  • Dedicated teams on campaigns: We have dedicated teams for all our clients; a special team will be assigned for your campaign to cater to your niche needs.

Cheaper than SEO: Now get in touch with the right people at the right time, instead of working towards the number 1 spot on search engines

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76% of decision makers have accepted appointments and meetings set up by us and we are on a mission to increase that!

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